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BT Industrial Solutions

BT Industrial Solutions Group was established in response to the growing demands of the modern world in the field of environmental protection. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions that reduce harmful emissions, regardless of the type of fuel, industrial segment, investment size, or location.

The Group’s advantage lies in a team of experts specialized in exhaust gas purification and complex energy project management. The Group developed both organically – BART, BART-SERWIS, BT Cleanroom Engineering®, and through strategic acquisitions – the merger with INSTAL-FILTER SA. Thanks to this, today we are able to offer air purification technologies for all industrial sectors worldwide.

BT Industrial Solutions focuses on holistic development – implemented both internally and through strategic alliances and acquisitions. We value cooperation and are open to creating value through business partnerships and synergies.

The goal of BT Industrial Solutions is to build a national Group capable of effectively competing with international corporations.


Technological Air Purification

The BT Industrial Solutions Group specializes in dust extraction, exhaust gas purification, and workstation ventilation filtration for all branches of industry. Dust extraction technologies meet the highest workplace standards, ensuring the safety and health protection of employees, while also improving the state of the natural environment through strict control of emitted air.

Energy Recovery. Cogeneration, Trigeneration

The BTIS Group offers efficient implementations of combined electric, thermal, and refrigeration energy. We carry out installations that recover waste energy, as well as those that convert heat into cooling or electricity. Cogeneration systems as sources of distributed energy find wide application in industrial plants and bring financial benefits, while reducing their impact on the natural environment.

Ventilation, Refrigeration, Heating Installations

Group companies carry out a wide range of installations related to air treatment technology, as well as all types of accompanying installations for industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems. We offer compressed air technologies, heating, refrigeration, as well as pneumatic transport of bulk materials and their separation.

Clean room

BT Cleanroom Engineering brand's proprietary solutions allow for maintaining a high level of air cleanliness and absolute sterility of the microclimate in production and research rooms in demanding industries such as high-tech manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, or the laboratory sector. Our installations are managed by advanced BMS and RMS automation systems.

Clean Energy from Waste

BT Industrial Solutions Group companies provide services in the thermal waste conversion market, offering modern exhaust gas purification installations. Neutralization of harmful gaseous substances, heavy metals, and dust is carried out using dry and semi-dry methods, guaranteeing compliance with emission requirements in accordance with BAT Conclusions.

General Contracting

BTIS Group companies provide General Contracting services for technological and engineering projects for industry and energy. We are integrators of services in the comprehensive construction of ventilation, neutralization, and dust extraction installations in all branches of industry, meeting the most stringent European Union standards with respect to industry regulations and ATEX Directive.

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We improve the parameters of
the modern world

We improve the parameters of the modern world so that we can live in harmony with our beliefs, without worrying about air quality. The symbol of the BTIS Group is the soaring swift. It’s a bird that can almost continuously soar in the air, which for the BT Industrial Solutions Group symbolizes stable, consistent development. In addition, swifts are among the fastest birds, reaching speeds of up to 200 km/h.

As the BT Industrial Solutions team, every day with a similar wind in our wings, we prove that “only sky is the limit”.

BT Industrial Solutions dostarcza technologie oczyszczania powietrza, filtracji i odpylania.