BT Industrial Solutions GROUP

Bart Sp. z o.o. specializes in installations for dust extraction, ventilation, central vacuum systems, filtration, gas incineration, and pneumatic transport systems.

The company’s strength lies in its experienced and qualified team of designers, constructors, and project engineers.

BART offers concept development, construction, executive, and post-execution projects, as well as comprehensive installation.

INSTAL-FILTER SA is a supplier of modern technologies for dust extraction, filtration, and exhaust gas neutralization for all industries. It guarantees comprehensive investment services – from design and production to installation and servicing. In the production facilities of INSTAL-FILTER SA, products such as bag filters, cyclone filters, cyclones, dust collectors, piping installations, structures, and spare parts are manufactured. The company ensures the effective reduction of dust and pollutant emissions in accordance with EU standards.

BT Cleanroom Engineering offers solutions for constructing rooms with high hygiene and sterility requirements – clean rooms. The brand specializes in precision air conditioning installations and other HVAC installations for clean rooms.
It primarily serves clients in the pharmaceutical, food, and biotechnology industries.

BART SERWIS Sp. z o.o. provides warranty and post-warranty service for industrial equipment and installations.

The company carries out start-ups, assesses technical condition, conducts measurements, adjustments, and author’s supervision.


The BTIS Group  offers solutions that support environmental protection and the creation of a clean, healthy, and friendly microclimate in the workplace. This is achieved through the use of proprietary technologies and technologies from esteemed European and global Partners.

With technical and commercial structures, as well as design offices and production halls with warehouses in 6 locations in Poland, the BTIS Group is able to offer services in Poland, Europe, and worldwide. Recent projects for a leading packaging industry player in the food sector, in newly opened production branches, include locations in the United States, Colombia, and India.


Companies within the BTIS Group collaborate and complement each other in the industrial construction investment market. Each possesses strengths and experiences that contribute to its competitive edge in acquiring Clients. Prestigious projects for Clients in various industries, including the energy, chemical, metalworking, plastics, automotive, pharmaceutical, and food processing sectors, form a rich portfolio of references.